Perth Wake Park Western Australia

Summary Statement

Perth Wake Park is the only cable wake boarding park in Western Australia. Built in 2016 the Wake Park is located 30 minutes south of Perth City. The main lake has a full size cable enabling eight wake boarding riders to enjoy the various fun obstacles at any one time. In addition, there are beginner lakes and an Aqua Park.

Around the park there are various different types of walkways and concrete pavements to enable fallen riders to exit the main lake and return to the cable entry by foot.

EdenCrete® Purpose

Due to the constant wet foot traffice in this water environment that includes salts and chlorides, the masonry and concrete pavement walkways have aggressively corroded in only 6 years. This includes some sections that were poured as 40MPa concrete with a waterproofing additive.

Edencrete was proposed for replacement concrete pavements around the main lake. The 40 MPa concrete included Edencrete at a dose rate of 4L per m3. This was to improve the durability by way of reduced permeability, overall increased strength, and improved surface wear resistance, to assist in a higher reduction of salt and chloride ingress into the concrete.

Darren from Stone Perfect Concrete commented that whilst placing the concrete, the plastic properties displayed “improved workability and it closed up better during finishing”


Across other Australian projects and trials, the addition of Edencrete has yielded increases >10MPa, equalling ~10% - 30% improvements in compressive strength gains as tested to AS1012.9 2014. Reducing the permeability of the concrete, the Edencrete additive reduces moisture, chemical and chloride ingress. One trial tested at 50% reduced permeability per Nordtest Method NT Build 443 1995-II.


Concrete Producer

Volume & Dosage

EdenCrete® at ¼ gal/yd3

Project Details and Conclusions

Perth Wake Park Western Australia
Perth Wake Park Western Australia
Perth Wake Park Western Australia
Perth Wake Park Western Australia
Perth Wake Park Western Australia
Perth Wake Park Western Australia

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