Concrete Mixes

EdenCrete works well with other concrete admixtures, and can help to improve the efficiency of other admixtures already in the concrete mix, giving you the option to replace or reduce the amount of other admixtures normally required to achieve the desired results. EdenCrete works on the nano-level to build strength, so there is minimal impact on the fresh properties, including workability or finish-ability of your concrete.

Replace or reduce the use of multiple admixtures, works well with other concrete additives and maintains excellent workability.

EdenCrete® Products

Harness the strength of carbon nanotubes in every pour with the use of our EdenCrete® Products. Learn about our products today.

EdenCrete HC™

EdenCrete HC™ (High Concentrate) enhances the performance of your existing mix design to provide elevated levels of strength and resistance to abrasion, while reducing shrinkage cracking and permeability.

EdenCrete Pz™

EdenCrete Pz™ (Pozzolanic Mixes) improves the performance of concrete mixes having high pozzolans (i.e. fly ash, slag, silica fume). Elevated levels of pozzolan replacement can hinder early strength development. EdenCrete P z™ is used to reduce this effect and boost hardened properties.

EdenCrete® products can be used interchangeably for any concrete application and/or mix design. Concrete mixes using fly ash and/or slag may be better suited to use a combination of EdenCrete HC™ and EdenCrete Pz™, or EdenCrete Pz™ by itself.