Commercial & Industrial

Commercial and industrial applications use EdenCrete® to increase strength and resistance to abrasion, while reducing permeability, damage from impact, curling, and cracking from shrinkage. Incorporating EdenCrete® into the mix helps to make the concrete more durable, providing the potential for longer service life and reduced maintenance, subject to the concrete mix design, application and conditions.

The use of EdenCrete® helps to extend the service life and the period of time before maintenance or replacement is required.

EdenCrete In Atheltic Stadiums EdenCrete In Atheltic Stadiums EdenCrete In Parking Garages & Lots EdenCrete In ADA Pools EdenCrete In Foundations EdenCrete In Parking Lots

EdenCrete® Commercial & Industrial Projects Include

bunker walls

access roads

hardstand yards

train car repair yards

support slab for high volume air filtration systems

maintenance and mechanics shops

riprap systems

industrial floors for aggregate storage

Latest Commercial & Industrial Projects

EdenCrete® Products

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