EdenCrete® improves both fresh and hardened properties of shotcrete used for the stabilisation of rock walls for roadcuts, mining and water storage. During placement, it improves the rheology of the paste making it easier to pump and shoot without segregation and/or sand packing. Typically, operators reduce the pump pressure by approximately 10 MPa when shooting EdenCrete® mixes, from ~15 MPa to ~26 MPa. Reduced pump pressures result in less dust and waste of material from rebound, and lower fuel costs and wear and tear on the pump. After placement, EdenCrete® provides strength and durability to the product, reducing the development and propagation of cracks.
Reduced pump pressures result in less dust and material waste due to rebound, reduced wear and tear on the pump, and lower fuel costs.
EdenCrete In residential Foundation Shotcrete In residential driveways Shotcrete In residential driveways

EdenCrete® Shotcrete Projects Include:

Residential hardscape

reinforcement of mountainside roadcuts

open space areas

recreational and skate park

Commercial hardscape

reinforcement of bridge caissons and abutments

residential/commercial pools

Carving detailed finishes after placement is easier with EdenCrete® because of the improved paste, and the hardened paste does not flake or crack off as easily as traditional shotcrete.  Many contractors use EdenCrete® as a partial replacement for, or in lieu of, micro fibers.

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