What Would You Use EdenCrete For?

For those in the concrete world, it’s easy to know the multiple ways concrete can be used. However, do they know how EdenCrete can improve the multiple ways we use concrete on a daily basis? Hover over each enhanced property and see what you could use EdenCrete for!


Abrasion resistance is a key element with every day concrete use. EdenCrete will sustain your application, no matter the load or frequency.


Concrete is all around us, but rarely noticed. Keep it in the background with the help of EdenCrete’s stain reduction properties.


Stacking hundreds of cargo containers in a harbor, the last thing you would think about is the concrete beneath it. Flexural strength is seldom contemplated, but very much needed. EdenCrete will provide the critical Flexural strength you need in your application.


A bridge is in the water in order to keep you out of the water. Improve the strength of your maritime applications with the reduced Permeability provided by EdenCrete.


Tensile strength is one of the most important attributes in concrete. If you’re building a city skyscraper, EdenCrete will increase tensile strength.


Subway systems rely on concrete that is stable and strong. EdenCrete will increase compressive strength for the objectives of your application.


Concrete is susceptible to volume shrinkage while it is curing. Reduce the shrinkage (and eventual cracking) in your application with EdenCrete.

Now it’s your turn!

You’ve seen some examples of where EdenCrete can be used and how much of an impact it can provide. But what would you use EdenCrete for? Enter in what you would use below!

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