Special Applications

While EdenCrete® offers advantages for any pour, there are specific applications and problems that EdenCrete® can mitigate.

When you need a tougher surface…

When pouring premium sidewalks, driveways or roadways that need to stand up to abrasion, EdenCrete® delivers superior protection.

When you need a lighter concrete load…

EdenCrete® is especially well suited for applications where lighter is better, such as concrete beams or suspension slabs. Because carbon nanotubes are extremely light and 117 times stronger than steel, architects, engineers and specifiers may be able to achieve the optimal levels of structural strength and integrity using less steel reinforcement or thinner slab pours.

When water is involved…

Studies show that EdenCrete® can reduce concrete permeability by as much as 59 percent, which makes it ideal for use in infrastructures such as water distribution, bridges, piers, dams, and locks where steel corrosion is a concern.

When wall weight is a concern…

If high-steel content in walls causes a problem with concrete placement and consolidation, EdenCrete® may be able to help you mitigate weight problems and give you more options for wall placement..

Admixture Compatibility

Works well with other concrete additives.

EdenCrete® is neutral and non-reactive. It can be used in mixes containing any of the various admixture chemistry-types commonly in the market. Unlike chemical concrete admixtures that can impact the workability, color or effectiveness of your mix, EdenCrete® does not require altering formulations or procedures to get the mix you want. It offers a wide range of compatibility for contractors, architects and ready mix companies.

Save money by replacing or reducing the amount of other admixtures you use.

EdenCrete® does the job of several different types of admixtures you may already use. Typically, the addition of EdenCrete® improves the efficiency of other admixtures already in the concrete mix. Whether your goal is to reduce permeability, improve flexural, tensile and/or compressive strength, or improve resistance to surface abrasion and shrinkage, EdenCrete® gives you the option to possibly replace or reduce the amount of other admixtures you would normally use to get the desired results from your mix; saving you money.

Concrete Longevity

Add decades to the life of your structures.

Imagine promising customers, developers, city planners, architects, engineers and contractors that they could possibly extend the life of their concrete by adding EdenCrete®. In an increasingly competitive marketplace where there is seldom a discernable quality or price difference between contractors and suppliers, offering an innovative product like EdenCrete® can set you apart with a competitive advantage.


Excellent workability and freshness.

Unlike synthetic macro fibers, EdenCrete® works on the nanoscopic level to build strength, so there is no impact on the fresh properties, including workability or finish-ability of your concrete.

Application Guidelines

  • Ready-to-use liquid admixture.
  • No need for dilution.
  • No special mixing equipment needed.
  • Works well with pump trucks and ready-mix operations, including dry-batch and central plant processes.
  • EdenCrete® should be employed at dosage rate of 3 to 150 fluid ounces per 100 lbs. of cementitious materials, depending upon the total  cement content.
  • EdenCrete® water content is 85 to 90%, so add with tailing water during mixing process
  • Cost effective for any size project.

All testing on EdenCrete® has been conducted at Independent, 3rd Party Test Labs, according to the following ASTM Test Standard; Compressive Strength; ASTM C39 Split-tensile Strength; ASTM C496 Flexural Strength; ASTM C78 Abrasion Resistance; ASTM C779, Proc. C Shrinkage; ASTM C157 Permeability Bulk Electrical Resistivity (Correlated to RCPT; ASTM C1202)

Storage + Safety

Storage, Handling + Transport

  • EdenCrete® should be transported and stored at a temperature 40 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit (5 to 35 degrees Celsius.)
  • Avoid freezing. If EdenCrete® freezes, the particles will irreversibly precipitate.
  • For bulk storage, the admixture tank should be constructed of plastic, stainless steel or fiberglass. Seal the tank after adding EdenCrete®.
  • Translucent tank and storage containers should be stored out of direct sunlight.
  • EdenCrete® has a shelf life of at least 12 months after production.


EdenCrete® is not considered dangerous to handle. Before handling, please click below to read the Safety Data Sheet for health, safety, disposal and environmental information.

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