EdenCrete® is a proprietary formula that’s proven to dramatically outperform other admixtures in both laboratory and field tests. It optimizes tensile and compressive strength while maintaining compatibility with other properties.


Greater Abrasive Strength

EdenCrete® conveys extraordinary bonding power to concrete making it tougher and stronger from the inside out.

Greater Flexural Strength

Greater Shrinkage Reduction

Reduced Permeability

As you can see from the chart below, EdenCrete® delivers reduced permeability. In fact, it is nearly 200% less permeable than concrete poured without it.

Greater Tensile Strength

Greater Compressive Strength

Chemical and Stain Resistant too.

Reduced permeability means chemicals and stains can’t penetrate the surface as deeply as concrete without EdenCrete.® More importantly, unlike some chemical concrete additives that might be reactive to a variety of chemicals spilled on the surface, carbon nanotubes in EdenCrete® are chemically neutral, and therefore won’t react to a wide range of acids, bases and solvents.

If you’re a ready mix company, we’d love to speak to you about how to add EdenCrete® to your existing line of admixtures.

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